Tiffany Siladke created A Splendid Occasion because of a love for events and weddings.  Tiffany’s passion for weddings, her attention to detail, and organizational skills are what led her to fulfill her dream of wedding coordination in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas. She brings a level of elegance, creativity, and professionalism into every event.

Tiffany is a true southern transplant who graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Retail Business/Fashion degree and is also a Certified Wedding Planner by The Bridal Society. She has worked in the jewelry television shopping industry as a planner, and knows exactly what it takes to make an event, or show, come to life. Tiffany’s impeccable organizational skills blossomed from a career as a jewelry planner, and her experience with a non-profit event management association and government events shows her ability to work with important events of all sizes.

Tiffany works great under pressure, which she mastered in the live television business and can handle any DIY project that you throw at her. With her experience in the fashion industry, her eye for design and style leaves her ahead of the rest. As a bride once herself, she knows how important your wedding day is to you. The dedication and time she puts into your special day, reflects the same routine she went about for her own wedding.

She welcomes all brides & grooms, no matter the size of the budget or wedding. To perfectly execute your vision, Tiffany takes the time to get to know each couple. Weddings are far more than special events, and the experience should be shared and enjoyed with every guest. But when friends and family are too involved “behind-the-scenes” and have to help orchestrate the event, you risk ruining the vision you’ve worked so hard to create by shifting the focus from you to the task you’ve assigned them. This can be very overwhelming and confusing for someone that just wants to celebrate your marriage with you.

This is why you need a professional wedding planner. Preserve the magic of the day, and let your friends and family members be guests, as I seemly stitch together the individual parts of your wedding to make it a cohesive, elegant event.

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