2013 Wedding Trend – Lace, Love it or hate it?

Lace, Lace, Lace. One of the most popular wedding and party trends of 2013. Nothing gives off the soft, romantic feel that lace does. And the best part about lace is you don’t need a lot of it to make a statement. It can also be fairly inexpensive!

These days, brides and party planners are using lace everywhere – from wedding cakes to tablescapes. We LOVE the look of lace at A Splendid Occasion. If you are a lace lover, we have good news for you – lace can be incorporated into any style wedding! Rustic, elegant, DIY, simple or traditional. Lace also comes in a plethora of colors, with our favorite being ivory (of course!).

photo courtesy of www.sugarruffles.com

photo courtesy of http://www.sugarruffles.com

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