What to do when you find a pimple before your Wedding Day?

It’s the week of your wedding or your huge party you have been planning for months. You wake up extremely stressed, running late and take a look in the mirror as soon as you wake up. Oh no! A Pimple!!

Where on earth did it come from? You went to bed and your skin was clear! And it’s not just any zit, it’s one of those painful and extremely large zits deep underneath your skin. Don’t fret! There is a remedy that works fast and is inexpensive.

1. Wash your face with a good acne preventative soap, preferably with benzoyl peroxide. My favorite soap is Oxy Maximum, by far. This soap has 10% benzoyl peroxide, once of the highest percentages that you will find out there. You can find Oxy Maximum at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

2. Run a wash cloth under extremely hot water. Place the wash cloth on the affected area for 30 seconds. Repeat several times. Splash infected area with cold water.

3. Grab a tea bag, yes a tea bag (any flavor will do). Run it under hot water and rub it onto of your pimple several times. Pat your skin dry.

4. Use a q-tip to apply some acne medicine, preferably containing benzoyl peroxide. If you are headed to work, skip this step. You don’t want to walk around with acne medicine on your face, only do step 4 at the end of the day.

Will this work? Yes, it will. It might sound crazy, but the pain and swelling of the pimple will reduce after the first time you follow these steps. I did this twice a day for two days (morning and night) and by the third morning there was nothing left. No popping, no scarring, nothing!

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