Bridesmaids Gifts… To Gift or Not to Gift?

Have you been a bridesmaid lately? If you have, did the bride gift you with anything? If she did, you are lucky! It’s not mandatory to give, and with all of the money being spent on your special day, there really isn’t much time or money left over for bridesmaid gifts.

As I mentioned before, it really isn’t necessary to give- but it is appreciated! Many bridesmaids travel long distances and spend a lot of money on their dress for your wedding day, why not show them some love with a small trinket?

Need some creative ideas for bridesmaid gifts? Have no fear, Tiffany is here!

1. Jewelry – Not the most creative, but who doesn’t love jewelry! Maybe instead of popping into the nearest Macy’s, find something handmade on Etsy. What about this message in a bottle from YssormDesigns?

photo by YssormDesigns

photo by YssormDesigns

2. Perfume – I’m not talking about Taylor Swift’s new fragrance, I mean your own signature scent. This isn’t the cheapest option, but it is something that will WOW your maids. A brand new scent, created just for them. Aroma Workshop is a great place to start if you live in the Chicago area. Here you work hand in hand with a scent master to create your own signature scent. You smell, tell them what you like and they put it all together.

3. Robes – Classic choice, but be creative. Check out these printed silk robes…

4. Buy their dress – Let’s be honest. As much as we say that we will wear the dress again, we won’t! No one will. If you have the funds, buy their dress for them. It can be pricey – but they will love you for it!

5. Purchase their hair and/or make up day of – Maybe you don’t have the money to buy their dress, but maybe you could set aside a little cash to pay for their up-do or makeup for the day of.

6.Handwritten Notes – Maybe you don’t have ANY money left in the budget, this is normal. Grab your trusty pen and paper and get to work! No one gets snail mail anymore, that’s why a handwritten note these days will mean so much. Tell them why you love them. Tell them you appreciate them being by your side. Just be you and make sure to thank them!

7. If you are crafty..make them something! Do you sew, paint, bake or make great funny videos? Do it! If you have a crafty bone in your body, use it.

8. Monogrammed Stationary – Everyone needs it at some point in their life, why not gift them with some cute stationary?

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8 thoughts on “Bridesmaids Gifts… To Gift or Not to Gift?

  1. U have a great blog over here. I just wanna say thanks for all the interesting information on it. I’ll follow your website if you keep up the good work!

  2. Great post! I wondered (after my wedding) if any brides bought their bridesmaids their dresses. I think the only thing I would change is having less than 8 – 8 was kind of a lot to buy gifts for!

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