Engagement Survival Tips

The one thing I noticed about the holiday season/winter is the amount of engagements that happen! My personal Facebook page has blown up lately with all of them, so I am dedicating this post to all of those newly engaged couples out there. One of my best friends just got engaged to her long time boyfriend on New Year’s Eve, super romantic! (This one is for you Tabi!)

I, too, was also a part of this engagement season fun. My husband chose to ask for my hand in marriage on January 13, 2011 (Friday the 13th..ohhhh). It is a very exciting time and can also be stressful. As soon as we told people that we were engaged, they instantly asked when the date was. Come on, we JUST got engaged! It can be a little overwhelming and everyone is asking about your plans, the date, colors, where, honeymoon, who is your MOH?


If you are recently engaged, or know of a couple who has just decided to tie the knot – take a moment to read this. I have compiled a list of tips to survive the stress of an engagement. I was just recently married so I like to think I have a little wisdom in this area :)

1. Enjoy your engagement

People are going to bug you. Let’s just face it. You have announced the news and everyone is going to want to help you or tell you how THEIR wedding went, blah blah. Forget them (for now at least). Spend time with your significant other for the first month or so not worrying or thinking about the planning process. You will thank me! Don’t make your entire engagement 100% about planning the wedding. Still do the things you love as a couple. Go out on dates, trips, etc. I think I focused too much on planning and my husband had to bring me back to reality a couple times.

2. Look at bridal magazines a little, but not too much

When you are ready grab a couple magazines, but not too many. They can be expensive! When we first were engaged, Caleb bought me a few magazines to look at, but let’s be realistic. Most of us cannot afford what we see in those magazines. Plus, they are heavy, big, and annoying. I just threw mine away after looking at them once. They are great to get ideas from and dream, but I found the internet to be a better source for all my creative ideas. Pinterest was a huge help!

3. Create a Budget

Are you paying for the wedding? Your parents? His parents? Whatever. Figure it out early and talk it over. A great wedding really doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A lot of people say that, but I mean it. I attended three weddings last year and I know for a fact money isn’t everything. The biggest chunk of your wedding fund will go to the location, food and booze (if you so choose to have it). We used a lot of excel spread sheets!

4. Make a “Master List”

My go-to piece during planning was my “Master List.” Dorky, I know, but it really helped me keep everything organized. Once you have your venue this will be easier to make. To start your list, imagine yourself as a guest attending your wedding. Start with the first thing they receive from you (Save the Dates or Invites) and then move all the way through the wedding. How they park, what they see when they walk in, what will they drink, the flow of the entire thing. Imagine yourself as them and what they will see, hear, and taste the entire night. Once you have your vision written down, write all of the things you need to complete each task. Paper, Stamps, a Florist, Dresses, Ties, Signs, Cake Stand, the whole she-bang. Your list will be VERY long at first, but don’t worry it will become easier to manage as time goes on.

5. Get your Fiance in on the Planning

Seriously. Don’t leave him out. It is as much your event as his. Half of the people there will be his friends and family and a lot of times he knows them more than you do. He will also bring you back down to earth. Guys are more realistic and will keep us ladies in line. Plus, they can be creative. Give them some credit!

6. Thank you!

Remember to be kind to everyone and thank them many, many times. Friends and family that help out don’t have to be there, but they are. They love you and want to make sure this event goes wonderful for the both of you. Give them little gifts, send thank you notes, buy them a drink. Whatever you do, just make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

postcard thank you card wedding

6. Remember: No matter what happens, you will still be getting married to the love of your life.
The best advice I received. Hands down! So, maybe your photographer shows up super late and barely gets to take any pictures before you walk down the aisle (yeah that happened to us). You stumble a little walking down the aisle, babies are crying, your groomsman forgot his shoes. It will all be okay because you are making a life long commitment to the love of your life and you couldn’t be happier! :)
7. If you get stressed, breathe.
Take a break and come back to it later. Crafty wedding projects look a lot easier when someone else does it, it’s true. Don’t give up on it. I almost quit my biggest project, making my own brooch bouquet, like 5 times. Thank goodness for Caleb because he brought me back to reality. I am very happy that I finished it!
Do you have any tips on how to survive an engagement? Maybe something you learned along the way?


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